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Cyrille Saura is a Swiss and Canadian artist, illustrator and art teacher, raised in France, who as spend 13 years in British Columbia (Canada) and who is now living in Switzerland. She particularly loves drawing portrait, animals and food art but she really loves drawing everything that she can see around her. She teaches and shares her knowledge with all ages, from young kids to adults.

She mainly uses coloured pencils and ink, but also gouache and collage. In her personal work, she aims to express our connection to nature and to a higher dimension of life. 

She has been raised in a family of artists and has studied architecture in Montpellier and Paris.
She used to live with her two sons in a house surrounded by forest on a North Pacific Island. They are now living in the Heart of the Swiss alps, as she always find inspiration while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

You can follow her work on her instagram.

August 22 Le manoir de la Ville martigny Switzerland

April 2022, The Hearth Gallery, Bowen island BC Canada

November 18th-24th 2019, "Red, Yellow, Blue" Exhibition, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York NY

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